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My soul cries out ;
"I'm a little tattered
a little mingled
with the vice of sins
with the demon within my skin
oh yes I am
I am chained and I am scorned
despaired and Oh so forlorn
I'm roped round the neck with a boulder heading downwards to the sea

when the persecutor asked for my final words
this-This was what I had to say

"I've rationed my love
put my carnal shame to blame
whatever I did and denied the Lord's holy Name
I've cast my cares and did nothing to save
the wretched and poor
the despaired and the ones which society hate
had I contemplated on the things which You've said
would I have had the weight of my sins make heavy my head?
O boulder you spite me as you shame me so much that my spirit should hunch
but what else could I do
as I stood before my own sentence- a death lamented too late...too soon

A strike of great light had caught before I was laid
in a tomb where I surely would've burnt at the wake
for my sins were still covered and it would have made me said
"Lament...lamentations when I could've entered God's gate!"

The great deliverer was glorious his powdery wings
his halo so bright as his garments, his armour and sword at his sling
He was so tall and oh he was mighty in size
it was Saint Michael archangel who had come to my side

He said
"Lo, solemn persecutor before whom I stand
before you a soul which her sins reprimand
but she is sealed with God's love
and in God's saving grace
and for this reason I shall deliver her and she shall indeed see God's holy face
her spirit shall dwell
far far from the depths of hell
for those who believe in the saving grace of Lord Jesus Christ God
have been saved...bought! Their sins are no longer sought
lest they exchange it for riches which the world temporarily offers
I shall gather the sheep whom the Lord has claimed for His flock
I shall deliver them all and bring them to the Rock
where they shall be blessed forever...

The persecutor with malice and smelled of fiery furnace
sheathe its true self so shield itself from having a face
it sneered and it mocked
"What sheep in what flock
can despise the rules of the Lord
and yet be counted as His when clearly this sheep
had chosen to sin, abuse and assault
Ah, let her burn
what's a sheep lost anyway
the Lord has so many
cast one and still so many shall be claimed into God's throne...

"Enough!" cried the archangel whose sword had unsheathed
the persecutor cowered before the archangel whose holiness and purity
came from the High Priest of Heaven in Whose blood and grace precedes
He is marked with His name
and so the persecutor kneels down
despite of his constant sneering and blame
"Come on, saint Michael, save this one...she sinned and sinned and never stopped sinning
and still you claim her?

"Man is fallible to vice, carnal sins and the like if they repose to the Lord Jesus He forgives and so they remain in His flock and His grace
Man's spirit can falter but God's spirit is Rock
His sturdy walls cannot tremble, nor a speck of dust to crumble and fall
He is the Lord Christ Jesus God
He loves not just one...He loves each child and all...

The angel delivered the child to his arms
He delivered her promptly into God's holy arms

as God held her so warmly in His saving loving arms
she lamented in shame as He kissed her on the forehead
she cried out;

"I've rationed my love
put my carnal shame to blame
whatever I did and denied the Lord's holy Name
I've cast my cares and did nothing to save
the wretched and poor
the despaired and the ones which society hate
had I contemplated on the things which You've said
would I have had the weight of my sins make heavy my head?
O boulder you spite me as you shame me so much that my spirit should hunch
but what else could I do
as I stood before my own sentence- a death lamented too late...too soon

Then the Lord Jesus looked at me a sinner ...most hardened of all
He looked at me without judgement but with love and grace and mercy with surpassed everything
He cradled the sheep who was stained with drops of blood of vice and sin
He looked at the sheep and held me so close I could feel His holiness
and the wounds of my sins which were sore

He reached out a hand
both were nail scarred for the sins of man
He reached out a hand and held mind and he said
"I forgive you, I love you, go in peace sin no more
persist to seek My mercy and enter still the narrow gate..." said Jesus my Lord
"I love you My darling and nothing shall change
I shall love you with compassion from age to age to age
I shall love you with a fiery passion as a husband his wife
I shall guard each of you jealously whom I have purchased with My life...

Then as He laid me in His gentle arms, I laid at His most sacred breast
and my spirit cried out "Here lies your true and eternal Heavenly rest...
in Christ Jesus I am whole
without Him I am cast away in my own sins
lamenting without possible console
So praise then the Name of my God Jesus in Whom I am saved soul!

Still in wretched estate
but now restored just right now
He held my hand tightly as we walked down His heavenly plough
He gazed at the skies and then looked at me with such love unmatched
for in Him all souls are made clean with no strings attached

He is my Lord and my Shepherd and I shall not want
for He makes me lie down in green pastures
He quenches my thirst with cool drink
which comes from the Heavenly Father
and bread which cannot be bought nor found anywhere else
He claims me as His own and this is true for all mankind whom He has called to Himself

I lament no more now
for I've seen His great mercy
though I've sinned and sinned
but He has paid the price for all His hands create
yeah, He is the Shepherd, and He is the true gate
enter the narrow path not the wide
for in entering the narrow shall you find the Lord God Jesus Christ at the wait

I've sinned this is true
I can't gain Heaven's entrance
for I have no virtue
no true purity of a sort
for I am sinner and this is true...

but in Christ Jesus
numerous though your sins
repose still to Him
and repent and He shall still claim you His own
repose now before it is too late...

the Shepherd awaits you my friends at the narrow gate...
I want to sing to the mountains
sing to the flowers and trees
I wanna hear the bees beat with the tambourines
I want to shake the skies and exalt God's great glory

I want to hit the high notes with the birds
who echo the skies
as they sing glory, glory

I wanna stir the trees
shake the quiet grass at their knees
I wanna change their frequency
and turn their ears to this random thing I want to do

I want to strum with the winds and hear the drums when they
meet the streams of river
which flows to a choir singing alleluia

I want to sing
be the voice of living prophecy
I want to stir up the quiet
serenade the silence to break her free

I want to hear her voice
as she turns to see
a great feast of beauty
all around her

As she gaze at the trees
with their leaves like a humming bee
sing in holy epiphany
the flowers they shake
at the boughs in wake yeah
as she gazes at life
what splendour before her takes place

I want to sing oh alleluia
I want to sing Oh God Hosanna in the highest
Praise God my soul
in Him I am whole
for that reason alone
because in Christ I stand
I sing alleluia

I want to preach to the sun
tell the news to the birds and the bees

I want to play
some strings
wake the drums and shake the tambourines

I want to sing
Oh I want to sing
I am saved and redeemed
and here I stand
Oh God in Him I stand
my spirit and my soul strikes a band
and sings

in Him I am alive
for in Him
I am alive so sings my soul alleluia

Fruit of the Spirit
voice of God my Heavenly Father
have I walked a thousand miles
to have my spirit falter?
oh no I won't

I am alive
Oh Lord I am alive
I am redeemed and saved
so I am following Jesus
because He's the truth and way
and O God in Him is breathing life
I am alive because He lives
I am alive

I want to sing
Oh alleluia
I want to sing
Oh on my knees
I want to sing
Oh God O Hosanna
in the highest

God I want to sing you glory, glory, glory
praise my soul

I am saved and redeemed
and claimed within
His sacred flock
I am saved and redeemed
alleluia praise my soul

The buzz in the bees
and the twittering sound of birds
mingling with these
they sing a song of praise
they sing holy, holy, holy
is the Lord
God of beauty
Earth and Heaven sing alleluia
I want to praise Ya
God Hosanna

I want to sing oh Alleluia
I want to sing Oh God Hosanna in the highest

Praise God my soul
in Him I am whole
for that reason alone
in Christ the Lord I stand
Oh God I sing alleluia

Ages and ages hence
knees will bend
and lips part out to confess
in no other way is salvation made
it's in Christ Jesus
and in Him all proclaim Him
righteous God Oh Lord

sing alleluia
oh sing alleluia

exalt Your name
Oh God you have erased my sins
and shame

God of wonder
my soul's delight
I sing You glory, glory, glory
there is no other who can take Your place
God almighty so I sing to you
praise alleluia!

When I saw my Saviour Christ Jesus in the face
My soul exalts Him Lord
I cry
Oh amazing, amazing grace
in His crucifixion I am forgiven
I am no longer bound, no longer imprisoned
This is Christ given (God blessed!)
with Jesus my soul is risen
with Him I am forgiven
no longer imprisoned
so I sing to God alleluia

People shall sing of His glory
they shall cry in praise
and their praising tell Your story
O Lord from age to age
all will know of His awesome glory

in Him we are forgiven
in Him our souls are risen
Oh God we exalt You
oh yes, we exalt you.
I shall sing of the glory of Jesus my Lord
11:20 p.m
Submitted and edited again

A voice inside of me sang...
Tis quite an honest confession to ye
that I say this as I say this of he
who bore my troubles and lay down my woes
and changed them to joy and thus shooed the storm clouds far away
tis seem queer to thee that I should say
that this man I speak of does not bear relative blood but still in such affectionate ways
he resembles that of my Beloved Whom I adore
Jesus Christ my Lord and God

A timid man yes timid is he
but Lord how Thy cast Thy wondrous hand on he
and made him the image of Thee to do Thy wondrous deeds
to spread Thy gospels and plant Thy Heavenly seeds

I knew not the one whom bore
half of me from his paternal loins
yea, he sought a better child perhaps a son
for in familiar cultures dignity stands in having oh so grand- a son
anyway thus my digression so may make
an expression of why I no longer have much need to lament much as I did before
in wake...

Please do bear in patience with me
as I sought to tell ye an emotional summary
of how I feel of this man who is religious as he is father to me


He saw me in the thundering rain
where I had no shelter nor comfort to shield myself
ah, I had nothing but this did not restrain
he held out both hands and said to me
"Come hither here and shelter 'long with me..."
I did not know him fondly (then)
but Lord, he held me quite as hen gathers her chicks beneath her wings
and as he did, Lord I did see
Ye, Lord Jesus Christ Who's come to comfort me...

He soothed my crying and dried my tears
cradled me in his arms to assure that I shan't ever have to be God cries out in Holy Scriptures perpetually

God works in many ways dear friends
and He sought to heal the ones who carry wounds
He loves all despite our denying that He loves us without condition without keeping debts
like we keep track of whatever is lost and spent
He makes whole the broken and guides those who wander far astray
and makes a path for those who seek His holy ways

God moved the heart of this timid man
whose hands were not lavished in neither kingship of this world nor gold
yet his hands were steadfast in the words of God
which was far more precious than anything in the world which man would like to hoard


He loved me when I felt unloved
and welcomed me when no one would
surely the Lord hath saith unto us
"He who welcomes the least of these
has indeed welcomed Me..."

I am downcast
not prominent in any way
I am just ash which shall scatter into dust one day
and though I am just ash which lays in human urn today
he welcomed me as I am anyway

I hath no father to call my own
whose blood and flesh in I was sown
yet I who had no father in this world
he had given me much more than diamonds much more than silver nor fine pearls

God has indeed heard my cries
He sought to give all the love which he affords to give
and healed me of my human carnal sins
and brought His only Begotten Son
in a priestly fatherly disguise

In ye o father I can see
Jesus Christ living inside of thee
when you comfort me I know I am indeed
loved by God and loved by ye

Though I have not father of my flesh but you are father enough for me
and I love ye o so affectionately
as daughter loves her father so- I love ye forever and ever and ever
just so you know
you are precious to me and I love you
for each and everything you do
I praise God for a pearl like you
and if the world can't see it perhaps they're too blind to see
you are precious to the church and precious to me
I shall love you for always as daughter loves her father endlessly

I yearn to tell ye this so bear with me
that God works His wonders mysteriously
hope is there and faith works when you trust in Him
Lord Jesus Christ God Saviour Elohim

Now yield God's message and strive to be
a blessing to others and ye shall see
when ye be a blessing to those who are in need
ye manifest the love of Christ Jesus if ye strive to bless others sincerely

For when we do things for the least of these
we do it oh for our good Lord Jesus Christ- yes, He!

So dear father I love ye so
and praise God when I think of ye
just so you know....
I praise and thank God when I think of ye
I once yearned the feeling of loved by a father. I don't feel like that anymore. I am blessed and loved...and so are each and every one of you. For those who feel sad and alone, know that you are never really alone. the Lord God Jesus works in marvelous and mysterious not be forlorn and trust in His ways. Things may come swiftly or may take a long time, but know that when the Lord Jesus works, His help shall come to all who trusts in Him.

There's a bridge which rose above spring blue waters
but you're not sure if you want to go
across it yeah...
your feet are dawdling
and your courage is a no show
but your spirit's cry rose where I am you
know (in Heaven My eternal throne)

I will deliver you yeah
deliver you
over any kind of river of adversity
lay your burden on Me
because I've been there, yes I've seen the cries of many
on their knees

a song is rising above the earth
blowing sweet kisses
as it sings passing by
shook the knees of the flowers
and woke up the trees
blew right past through her ruby red hair and pearl neck
kissed her dress which shone like diamonds in the middle of day

I shook the buds of the trees
the favours of the neighbouring bees
they were sipping honey
in smothering heat
I moved the clouds from their idle estate
there you are in hesitate

the beacon of light crowns upon
the head of the hills
dusting the dull shadows away
why do you gaze at the flowery hills
which I have made over where you stand
won't you trust Me
I am your Chief in Command
I am the Heavenly Father God's right hand man

I will deliver you
yes, I will deliver over the waters
the rivers of adversity

come whatever
child I will deliver
as My Father's voice
the Son Anointed
yes I shall deliver

There's a bridge which is before us O sister
you fear to travel for thieves and plunderers
and in fear lamentations resounds your tremors
here I am your Jesus God and brother

We are bound forever in My Heavenly Father's love
I love you more than life itself
for each of you I cast My crown
and lay for purchase My own
You are the precious seeds My Heavenly Father's sown
Each of you and you and you
have a place in My Heavenly Father's home

sister, sister won't you hear My plea
Trust in My Father and trust in Me
We'll cross the river
Praise the Lord
for His love and glory is forever

We'll play our strings and tambourines
we'll sing a brand new song
as we cross the bridge
over the spring blue waters

I'll carry you like good Saint Christopher
carried Me across the rivers
As God Emmanuel
The bread and wine
flesh and blood of the holy gospel
You'll stay safe and sound
in My Holy Heavenly arms

River O river
O'er the bridge of the river
I shall unto you My sisters and brothers
I shall deliver
you are above coppers, silvers and coins of gold
which the world can offer

Favoured of My Heavenly Father
I shall deliver
My sisters
My brothers
I shall deliver

So My sister trust in Me
I am Lord Jesus Christ your Saviour, lean on Me
O'er the river see your Mother and Mine O sweet Perpetual Mary

I hear her beckoning call
she says ;
" Trust in He
for He is Jesus Son of the Heavenly Father
in Heaven
Rhyme of psalms
of all our forefathers
of Abraham's descent.

Fragrant of Heaven
Lo behold here I am
I shall hold you
we shall cross over
the bridge and river
trust in Me
trust in Me
you shall prosper and be fruitful
if you trust in Me...
Hebrews 13 verse 6 God is my Helper by cereal-in-a-bowl
Hebrews 13 verse 6 God is my Helper
submitted 11:55a.m

This was what was going on in my mind while praying last night.

Hebrews 13: 6 God is my Helper, whom shall I fear?

Whenever we feel afraid or in distress do not be afraid to cry out to our Lord Jesus because He is ever so close to us.

Remember what the psalmist wrote in the Book of Psalms 34:18

"The Lord is close to the broken hearted. Those who are crushed in spirit He saves..."

in Psalm 18:6 it says

"In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears..."

Hebrews 4:15 ;

Do not be afraid to approach Him because He knows how we feel. He Who endured all things and did not yield into temptation...He shall supply us with the help we need and bless us with many graces in which we are so in desperate need of.


I was so happy that I went to church this morning. The usual took place and then as I tried to pay attention to the sermon, I was constantly distracted. I think it's all the emotional things which I've experienced for the entire one week.

Personally, it felt so good, so good to see my counselor back in church.

Anyway, it's amazing how much God my counselor has about him and how devoted and good he really is, in Christ Jesus. A good example of what it means to be Christian I am sure.

After hugging him and all, I went on a spiritual high.

I contemplated what happened during mass and realized that Saint Paul struggled in a lot of stuff in his ministry to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ;

In the 2nd letter to the Corinthians 12:9

"because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me..."

Then as I realized that it was in trusting in Jesus, accepting my weakness and short comings that the mental struggle ceased for now.

then as I opened Sunday's bulletin I read something which Saint Patrick said
"The Lord opened the understanding of my unbelieving heart so that I should recall my sins. "

There is really something about my parish priest...there's a lot of Jesus about him as I found in Father Volle while he ministered as a messenger of Christ on earth.

Indeed my soul praises God. His mercy endures forever. Alleluia.

I used to struggle with verbal abuse and it would fester for a long time. But now I find that I recover faster and I feel God ever present in my life.

Mother Mary is ever present too.

I recover quicker now, and I believe that I can achieve all that I set out to do if I place it in the hands of Christ Jesus my Lord and God.

Praise God indeed.

The radio station's  playing Michael Jackson's song...awesome. He's such a good singer...

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