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I have submitted all of my assignments for review...I'm total peace...
I have succeeded in printing ALL of my assignments for submission. I feel so very blessed...will share with you something later...I am a dummy! Meow :3 La la la la

My soul praises the Lord my God for His mercy endures forever. Alleluia!!!
Trials and temptations are a sign that we are being pruned. Then pray for strength and courage to pursuit the journey which Christ Jesus had endured for us....for it is our vocations as Christians....1Thessalonians 5:16-18
I stood at the face of the morning sun
with its hair ablaze and her star bright heat undone
her sweat dropped down like pearls of rain
kissed her lips and her shoulder blades
the wine which poured from the goblet of wine
and the bread dipped in the drink-my God...intertwined
as she lift her head she sang a Heavenly praise
She said "Praise God in Heaven for His marvelous ways
I say praise God because He is good
His mercy and grace is forever
and His love endless- endures
we Thy children- yea, we the daughter and sons
praise Thee Father in Heaven Three in essence but in union One

Praise Yahweh Sabaoth
for His awesome deeds
His love and grace is from age to age
His name be glorified and exalted on high
yeah I raise my hands and praise the God of Heaven
Yeah I praise His name up on high

The children will know Your glory o God
yeah, those who hear Your calling Lord
The children will know Your deeds O God
for Your works are seen in the depths of the earth

See the rivers they run fast and wide
they stream forth the way and never runs dry
you make the skies
yeah, you made the seas
you made the stars to kiss the Heavens...yeah praise God of eternity

I sing You a song
yeah I sing it out loud
for Your name is forever
Your name is praised and glorified
in the world throughout
I sing you praise for Your marvelous ways

I sing Your praise for Your endless glorious grace"

She dipped her finger in the chalice of wine
and the pearl of red danced round her fingertips,
yea, the drop of pearl, the drink, the fruit of the Vine
Hail God Of Heaven and Earth...King Most Sovereign...Lord God Divine...

I gaze at the way the breeze had taken its flight
for it saw the sun and its heart was set on it rose up high
to kiss the lips of the sun's lips radiant with zeal
alas it caressed her and dispersed
yea, dispersed into the depth of the blue

Alas, Yahweh God
I am a sinner earth bound here
but O how my soul unto You revere
for in You alone God should my soul love and fear
for Whom can make the sun rise up to the Heavens high?
Who can make the stars burst out in the skies at night
and make the angels roam about to watch the earth

Look Yahweh the skies above are radiant with indescribable mirth
O Lord God only You can give beauty her radiant birth
And so my soul sings praise to You O God...
yeah I praise You most sovereign Lord...
I sing praises and I raise Your name
as You are God the almighty one

I hail You God Father
and God the Spirit
Yeah I hail You O God the Son

I praise You for your marvelous deeds
and I praise you in reverence as I bend my knees
for all the earth shall confess and kneels shall bend
and say "Unto You Yahweh God- Your name be blessed..."

I looked at Jesus and He smiled right back
and I saw grace and mercy aglow around His sovereign head
yeah I gazed at the wonders of the almighty God
and praise His name for His mercy and grace endures forever more...

I saw Him laugh and the winds take flight again
and the beauty which unfolded was more glorious than I could explain
the roses bloomed and part their lips
and the others loomed over to watch Him
the radiant colours which blest the ground where He stood
a cornucopia of wonders which deemed itself immeasurable...

O as the deer longs for flowing streams
so does my soul long for You my God
and how I wish I could dwell in Your countenance now even as I speak
and how I wish to recline in Your most holy arms

I sought the Lord and He answered me
I cried out to Him and lo, this was what He said;
"Here I that you have called Me
here I am...come follow Me
do not despair O little one
Oh how little is your faith
if you cast your seeds on solid ground
it would yield much it would astound
Now chin up, O little one
for am I not Your Lord and God?
I shall guide you and lead you forth
and you shan't wander astray with My guiding staff and rod...

I shan't hinder any who comes to Me
I shall embrace all who cry out My name
I shall restore their dignity
None who calls and trusts in the Lord shall be put to shame
I am Yahweh Lord God Sabaoth
I shall always render My own victorious
for if I Myself have claimed victory over all things
you- My co-heir shall have the same...

Do not worry
do not despair...
O how little is your faith, My love...
Hold My hand and I shall guide the way
I shall make bright your skies and make clear your pathways
Do not be afraid...
I shall go before you always...
I attended Saturday evening mass. All that was on my mind was my assignments and how I was going to print them out. I was also filled with worry because I wanted to get a Distinction for the course. As soon as I received communion, I went back to the pew and knelt down to pray. I told God about what was in my heart, about how I was addition to the pain which I feel on my left arm. Whenever my left arm hurts it reaches all the way to my chest. I am worried. I thought about me diagnosed with something serious and dying. I also remember telling this to my counselor and he said "Nah, don't worry, you're not going to die that easily..." and that was his way of telling me I was in God's good hands. I was praying, the choir was singing a hymn...and it went like..."Don't be afraid for I go before you shall triumph..."

and this became louder as I prayed.

Now, today, I attended an RCIA gathering (I am from RCIA 18 :D ) RCIA is Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults, a course for non-Catholics who WANT to be Catholics. They spend a year learning about the Catholic Church and ultimately about Jesus Christ ans His teachings. I was baptised in 2011 I think....

Anyway, I got to church early and had the luxury of meeting with my counselor *dies of joy*. When I talked to him about the assignments and about asking a church friend directions to the nearest photocopying service near the church area, he said;

"Hey, why don't you drop by church earlier and you could print it in church..." and then I was like really? He said; "How many sheets of paper?"

I said I wasn't sure..."Maybe 50 pages..."

and he nodded and said "Okay..."

and that lifted a whole weight off my chest. I was thinking about hunting for photocopying stations around the college area on Wednesday...and if all else failed I would've gotten to the city  because I knew places where they provided photocopying services.

This is testimony that God is very good and that His words are good. He hears you. So ...if you call out to Him...look for Him with all your heart...make no  SHALL find Him.

Thank You, Lord Jesus...:)

I believe with all of my heart that He speaks to us and listen to us. Are we going to surrender our all to speak and listen to Him? It's in total surrender and silence that we hear Him. This is something I have to learn over and over...

sharing : Learning from the sun and clouds...(Proverbs 16:3)My thoughts are scattered like the clouds
white tufts of fluff hovering all about
they look like sheep suspended in mid air
like hung clean white underwear....
if you stare long enough you could hear them bleat
as they roam about the kingdom right up there
I wondered if clouds had feelings
or if they had brains at all
however if they did...would it sustain in their lightweight vessels?
I suppose they would tumble right out
with their brains sustained with light weight strings
or perhaps they had brains in form of water vapor...
which could appear and vanish as they desire...
and still be able to operate quite normally...
the balsamic wind of noon
came like a choir of a glorious psalm
which left as quickly as it came
as I stood amidst of some old and gangly gossiping trees
they share some kind of cryptic news
which only they could understand
as I gaze upon the wonder
which only God Almighty could conjure
Ah, praise His most holy name
for unto Yahweh God Sabaoth be praise and glor
  • Listening to: The Big Songs of Worship CD


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Margaret Anne B
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
"Here I am Lord, to do Your will" - Hebrews 10:7-9

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Hello, My name is Margaret Anne. Nice to meet you.

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