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Up above the ocean high
bodies of celestial interstellar beings are etched in the skies
strung above the cosmic sea
bright as diamonds, prickly five ended stings
cosmic burst of flames at night
spots of God's awesome might
in night so quiet oh despite
a song had whispered like passing breeze by

I am faith which comes from Heavens high
from God the Father Who was, Who is and Who is the come
I am faith like candle burning bright
which came from the hands of Yahweh am I

I know you breathe a heavy sigh
from the fails you have made from days gone by
but days gone by have they not expired
look forward, then for God has made things new

I knew you then and I know you now
your worries are His so lift up your heavy brows
and know that Jesus stands close by

Then I heard Jesus say

"There you are, O little one
My precious child, My rising sun
where have you been I've been searching high and low
My heart was heavy with worry load
I searched the rivers and the seas
combed the mountains, every crook and cranny, turned stones and trees
I asked the creatures and flock whom I found on the way
I went all over and thought the worst in dismay

Then I sent an angel far away
to look for you and with you to stay
to ward all evils and snares which lurch from the dark realms of hell
to unsheathe his sword wrought of Heaven's light if darkness needed to dispel
I was worried sick...
O child do me no more worry..."

Which I then intervened and said
"Lord, I am sorry..."

I knelt down on my wretched knees
and looked at Jesus, Who looked back at me

He looked gobsmacked and then smiled at me
Knelt down to help me on my feet
then without haste He held me close
embraced with kisses as He embraced me in His arms

"I am sorry Lord, I have sinned so much
I went astray from you for pride and ambition...
see how far I have wandered off..."

He held both cheeks in His hands
and looked at me before He began
"You are a sinner and this is true
but I forgive you, sin no more
The trials may have hardship but child,
they teach and prune for most of the part
so that you shall trust in Me with all your heart

I have good plans for you, make no mistake
you will stumble, wander, quiver in fear but not for long
for I shall hold you steady

Look, dear one and compare not with
the others for you are you and they too are they
in unique features so please, for goodness sake do not measure
yourself in other's length or width for each I make
have strength and weakness
have good and bad
but really each of you have Me inside so bear in mind
if you trust in Me
to minister the things you do
you shall bear fruit when season ripe shall due

dry your tears
and lean on Me
and I shall lead you on to victory
I shall bring you to a land of pastures green
where fields aplenty and rivers always clean and cooling in the streams

Hold tight now
and trust in Me
let's march forth in your journey..."

Assured and sound
for in the Lord Jesus
He has made known (again)
that He is control
and efforts made in faith of Him
shall not be in vain

in this valley where the streams of stars remain
remind me of His light which shines for me and you
and His light shall be with us as long as we live
when time has come even then His light shall pierce the dark
and lead us still to Heaven home, where dwells the promises of His holy Covenant.
Faith( in times of trials)
12:55 a.m.


Yea...I was attacked emotionally and mentally...again. At first it seemed as though it would last for a long time, but then all in God's good grace, I overcame. not because I could but because God's grace carried me through.

I know for sure that all will be as it will be, and all for God's good purpose, but it shall only be so if I trust in Jesus our Lord and God.

He is very good and patient despite my stumbling ....

I know I shall triumph for the Lord is my strength and victor...

When I was emotionally struggling a long time ago, I was reminded me of a story about a bamboo and a tree...

We all serve a special purpose which God has planned. Each of us unique in His merciful and loving eyes. We must not compare ourselves to others for we are not them. We are who we are for a reason.

And..if we are ourselves and ourselves be sincerely true, we shall glorify God Jesus Who reigns with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, Three in Essence and in Union Divine body One, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, in all we do.

When we suffer, in trials and persecution, know that the Lord our God is pruning us, and helping us to produce stronger roots of faith which shall help us to be better in all we do. 

Do not be afraid, but be encouraged...

as Saint Paul says ; 

Rejoice always,  pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God,so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.  Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Take the helmet of salvationand the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people..." -Ephesians 6:10-18 

I do my best thinking at's when I find Jesus...and we sit and talk...

"If you don't like the situation you are in, change it.." 

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." - William Arthur Ward

Praise be to the Lord our God, Jesus Christ.

Happy Sunday and shalom. 

the bamboo and the fern ;…

The wines of gladness pour
not on this wanting shore
where grief and sadness waits
to not give gladness advocate
the wines of gladness pour
not on this wooden door
so upon it had not seal
the Father's love still

A name rung from a distance place
a voice which drew a familiar face
grapevines of gold hung round the trunk
where fruits rest upon the lips of His sacred face
twas a Groom I often want
the arms of my Shepherd God
the wine of gladness must come from
this Jesus Christ the Lord

The wines of gladness trace
the gentle red rosed lips
of my God whose name spells mercy and grace
The wines of gladness plump
fruits droplets of honey nectar rest upon the rump
of the earth where flowers make home the soil
the wine of gladness tipped but had not
much room to spill and make grow sprouts which was yet to uncoil

The wine of gladness was like a hymn
froth; bubbling with richness of happiness and this
made clear to my spirit indeed that I yearn for this drink to
quench my lips

I heard of stories far
carried from a Northern star
which preached of a King Who came to be
man that they can be reconciled with His Heavenly Father
the prophecy minced in curiosity
made me wander to find
God made man and also divine

the song of glories echo in a distance
my heart sought it this I knew
for my soul had an insane longing
for Jesus to make me new
no other man could make my soul and spirit rapture
no other man on earth could make me search without ceasing
in this I knew as much
that Jesus is merciful and healing

I grabbed not a single thing
save for what I have on me
to find what my spirit craved
God Jesus
so I start my pilgrimage
which many sought after age to age
to find God Jesus Who was, Who is and is to come

the wine of gladness shall pour
but not of sweetness but as bitter gourd
for in imitation one must be imprinted
with the things which endured by Jesus Christ the Lord
In sharing of the chalice cup
which He the Lord Himself lifted up
should man not know that if he is to share in God's glory
one must also share in His suffering too?

the wine of gladness shall teach man to preserve
the drink ...use new wine and new skin
then the wine of gladness shall mature
then if one tries shan't God Himself so kind and true
deny him the grace of seeking Himself grace and mercy virtues?

The wine of gladness is in serving
and surrendering in the Lord
in suffering shall one see truly
the face of our Saviour God

The wine of gladness waits
to pour in the chalice of the one who did not tire of seeking Elohim
then when he arrives at the golden gate
God shall welcome him and celebrate

for now be quenched with God divine
in communion flesh bread and blood made wine
wine of gladness- a foretaste of what's to come

Do not fret the soul of mine
God has given grace and mercy to all who wants to find
God's company and communion
He shall show Himself clearly to him who seeks earnestly

in due time though this I pray
when I resign and final breath takes me away
I pray the wine of gladness poured on me while on earth
shall fill the cup of gladness in God's kingdom
where souls sealed in His love shall forever stay

wine of gladness waits for him
who places his trust in God Elohim
trust and invest all things on Him
then shall rejoice when his soul stands before Him.

The wines of gladness pour
on this wanting shore
where grief and sadness waits
now give gladness advocate
the wines of gladness pour
on this wooden door
so upon it seal
the Father's love still
of the many things I seek
which are peace and serenity
these indulgence come quite scarcely
at this hour of my emotional need
I tread where flowers bloom
where the hills and skies always meet
where the fragrance of spring fulfills
the qualification of it being call a bed of flowers
where their breed are varied offspring
of parents of different plant families

My shoes were worn with dirt
stained with grass and pebble stones
I shook them in haste
for new shoes look upon dirt with much distaste
I found a flock of sheep
whose hours are occupied with graze and bleats
upon the mount where flowers and the skies often meet

The Groom O Whom I love
was windswept in hair and His robes are white and sash a usual red
the great High Priest Whom I adore
(Jesus Christ the Son of God)
tis novel to say the least
but I love Him more than just ideas from the mind of novelists
and if others say otherwise
I should still consent respect with quiet sighs

Jesus handsome and beautiful in presence
stand magnificently
was at bliss at some sort of secret
smiling serenely

He turned around and smiled
at the child stained with consented selfish sins
whose face was ashed with guilt
whose weight of faults were lamentations of grace insufficient
I stared at the the ground for I knew indeed
I was sinful and aye it bled from deep within
I knew I was full of pride and sin
yet when a hand tilt my chin quite gently

"I look upon a child not because
he is obedient to My words
I look upon a child not because he has done many good and praise worthy deeds
I choose each sheep to fill my flock
for one reason and this is simply because
I love each and every one of you
I love you, dear and that alone shall do

Look at the fields they laugh and play
lavished with mirth and childlike spirit
as flowers and trees with fruits display
they are joyful for they surrender to Me and say
Take me Lord and use me in Your will
yes Lord here I am...
take me for I am Yours...they proclaim

I seek the sheep who is
surrendered all to Me
for in their surrendering
allows Me to form and use them as I please
In forming know that you shall be pruned and made to glorify Me

Ah, the fields are all aplenty
with richness from My Father's store
blessed is he who trusts in the Lord
for he shall praise and glorify God in all his conduct

Do not be afraid to be you
you are you and no one else shall ever do
no two seeds shall sprout the same
your faults and sins shall not be reason for you to bow your head in shame
yes you have them and this shall teach you to be
humble and walk in path with Me
but let your submission be entirely unto Me
and I shall make you bloom for My purpose for you
do not be afraid and trust in Me
and that will do."

The fields are plenty with flock
around where the winds and flowers often meet
courted by the skies and clouds who candidate themselves to these

Look at the fields they laugh and play
lavished with mirth and childlike spirit
as flowers and trees with fruits display
they are joyful for they surrender to Me and say
Take me Lord and use me in Your will
yes Lord here I am...
take me for I am Yours...they proclaim

I seek the sheep who is
surrendered all to Me
for in their surrendering
allows Me to form and use them as I please
In forming know that you shall be pruned and made to glorify Me

I look upon a child not because
he is obedient to My words
I look upon a child not because he has done many good and praise worthy deeds
I choose each sheep to fill my flock
for one reason and this is simply because
I love each and every one of you
I love you, dear and that alone shall do."
"What you see before you and Me
are seed  produced to trees
the crops they offer (lo!)
plums, oranges, grapes and apples bold red and green
have pits and fruit seeds
each seed with hope if they trust in Me
shall bear descendant another tree
trust in Me and you shall see your joy and peace complete

Each fruit vary in human eyes
each flower yields different fragrance
when its are to smell
Thus each  I create
trees with flowers and fruit
which sun, rain and wind supplicate
all of whose purpose are different
and unique in all their ways

Bless My name
Trust in My ways
I shall make your paths clear and straight
Hold My hand and follow Me
I'll tender you victory
You shall triumph and all shall see
the glories and wonders of God
Yahweh Almighty

You who are little
you much more to grow
My seed in Mine hands in wait to sow
worry not the past
nor morn of morrow
for both have either left or yet unfold
befit yourself in present time
and there your fruit
shall sprout in time

So trust in Me
please do not worry
for I Myself has good
plans for you
plans to prosper
plans to bloom
plans to give you
good things
so do not fear

I am your Lord
Aye, I am your God
with Me, My staff and rod
shall lead you
Trust the Heavenly Father
Trust the Son
through the Holy Spirit
We Three are God- One!

I'll hold your hand
I promise you
that you shall not fall
if stumble, you shall quickly firmly stand
I Myself have made you to be
Who you are-precious ever more to Me
Each child I create
I look upon with love fascinate
for no two are duplicate
see the road ahead
yet to unfold
do not tremble, nay instead be bold!

I am with you
I shall bless you
and My grace and mercy be upon you

I love you
Be still and know
I am your Jehovah God
I am the God of yesterday, today and future come!

I shall hold steady your trembling hands
be brave, for with you- I am your Lord Jesus Christ
by your side I shall always stand

Be at peace
fear no more
put your faith and trust in My name

I said "Yes, Lord Jesus
hear me plea,
Please  bless and nourish me
in Holy Spirit and wisdom
I pray to lean and follow you all the way."

He smiled and held my hand
and said nothing
but I know I am safe and sound in the hands
of Jesus, Son of Man
in God's hold I am secure and content
With Jesus God, I stand
I was filled with anxiety of how I shall face the future. While praying, I felt a comforting voice in my heart say this.

10:20 p.m.
The sun has lain its hand upon the path
Which strays both ways
As angel Saint Michael stands with wings at ease
Strummed and ruffled by the wayward gentle breeze
As winds tugs against the ears of a wandering soul

Wandering soul, weary and worn with dust
her spirit is tinged with heat and rust
her illusive confidence swung back and forth
like fruits of a neighbouring tree
whose colours of mirth and sweetened glee
whose flesh promises quench and satisfaction
to the lips and belly
to fill the one who passes by

she sighs and wanders why
the wooden post divided frustrated her so

as light had rested upon a golden meadow
where sheep and cattle mow
where farmers invest in sow
what they hope to reap
are sprouts of green which breathes within
a hunched green hill which contemplated to itself

the wandering soul sat upon a rock
looking at the blue skies
where the clouds inhibit above
etched edges of golden light where sunlight is permitted

Then the soul wondered in troubled heart
Is it a hardened rock never to be broken
Never to be changed into soften flesh?

She cried to herself
For the world had dispatched
Many truths and the truths vary
So which truth shall then she take?

In all the noise
a hand reached out
and whispered her name

His eyes were kind
And lips laid a smile which held no other reason
Than pure love
His voice like the whisper moaned
“Why do you feel dejected and rejected?
Am I not your comfort?”
She nodded feebly
He remained silent and then said
“Child, your worries are many and your heart stirs
Like a thunder storm
Why do you anger so frequently?
Oh child, your burden is bitter anguish
Which no mouth desires to taste…”

She hung her head in shame
Could not bring her lips to say His name
But Jesus reached out and held her in His arms
And said
“Child you are safe where your head rests
And in rest you shall now each of My own is blest
Child lay your anger and pride aside
For they shall be your downfall
They will shroud your judgement and My face from you

I dwell not at the bow of your vessel child
But in the stern
With each sheep I teach and correct
In bitter correction shall learn
The true meaning of discipleship
And in so doing find Me…

A man does not blossom to be a better person
Without erring and in need of correction
How does man become like his teacher?

He looked stern for a moment and then smiled again
He held me close and said
Relief yourself and forgive
For in forgiveness shall remedy your pain
Then in seeking forgiveness you are reconciled with me again
My words are not Mine own
But from the One Whom I am bound to
And the Holy Spirit
Trust in Me
And you shall see
That I yearn to do
The work My wonders in each of you
Then all shall deem and know
I am God , to kneel and bow low
Confess My name
As the Way to Salvation
As I am the Shepherd King God of Redemption
Of man

Be still My love,
And know it is I
I shall never leave you for you are Mine
And I love you…”

He held me close
And I reposed
In His arms and knew at last
I was safe in the arms of my God
Seek His ways and you shall know...
I got into a heated argument with a friend because I felt emotionally hurt. However at its initial stage I was quite calm. But her persisting boldness and hurtful choice of words had made me think of my own foster parents who underestimated me and kept saying I would never amount to anything.

Again, I know myself and God knows me best. I should never be arrogant nor stubborn. But I am stubborn. Ha ha. 

Anyway, perhaps it is because of what she's been through and this is her way of approaching things.

In life, there are many kinds of people.

accepting one another and one self has always been a great challenge. For to accept oneself one must realize how weak and dependable one is to God. One also realizes there are rooms for improvement ALWAYS.

One is only able to be changed as one allows one self to be.

Two years of counseling should not be in vain. I've  grown stronger. People can always have views of each of us. It is whether or not we allow harsh comments to influence us. We have to try with great effort to wear humility and know that we have much more which needs to be changed. Much more which needs t be improved and much more which needs to be changed before God can truly dwell within us completely.

True He lives in us and amongst us. But how much are we allowing Him to live in us? How much are we allowing Him to transform us  to be the creatures He has made us to be?

Well, my ego, pride and anger of whatever was in the past resurfaced.

It is important to take everything with a pinch of salt. To be humble and open to correction. One must also stand on one's dignity and not allow others to take it away just because they feel like it.

You are you for a reason. Celebrate the you-ness.

all this was written in anger, stress and frustration. 

*tries not to feel isolated* 

 in addition to this I do feel scared and excited all the same about what is happening to me.  I miss my counselor but that's life for you. I plan to visit him before I begin work but I am not sure how that's going to work out.

I'm sorry I got angry again Jesus...

I guess that's why I like night. No one to be mean or nasty. 

2:12 a.m.
As of current situation, I am going through some emotional pruning. However excruciating this can get, pruning is always a good sign that  God sees good fruits through His mercies and graces in us...

My counselor and good friend is about to leave. This is reality, he's got to move to another chapter from where he works and I feel as though another part of me is being yanked out like some Hannibal Lector movie. Strange analogy I'm sure. Many I'm sure would encourage me by saying to keep my chin up and so on, but this isn't just some average Joe. He's more than just someone who helped me overcome a lot of emotional issues, he's a father figure to me. 

I've never known my real father but not that it really matters. I mean I don't hold a grudge on him. My biological mother however has two minds about how she feels about said male parent. Right.

I thought I would be alright. I know I will be alright eventually, but saying goodbye-for-now is never an easy task.

I made a checklist of things which I would like to do in life before I die.

That encouraged me for a while...and come to think of it...I suppose it has encouraged me immensely. 

I was praying to Jesus about how I felt about the situation. Whilst feeling pain and sorrow that my dad would be in another state, I resolved to work hard and smart to gain ways to become independent, successful and able to move about. 

I believe the journey of a thousand miles have begun. Please pray for me. I shall surely keep you in prayer.



Something just occurred to me...

In the Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans 5:3-5 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

it says...endure all hardships...give thanks to God and lift up our petitions to Him...

in Romans 5:3-5 it says "Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces hope..."

In Thessalonians it says "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks to God under all circumstances, for it is the will of God for us..."

Again in 1Corinthians10:13 it says God won't give us tasks we cannot handle. Whenever we are presented a situation, He will always give a way out. 

That is very comforting to know...

I am...we are MORE than conquerors in Christ Jesus...Romans 8:37 
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