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My life is drench with blood and wine
For God made it first His then yours and mine
To heal the weary and wounds of many
Travelers called Samaritans

He tore the temple and the curtain
And made a path for man to reach He, Who is God
He is most sovereign
He is the one true Lord
The Christ my heavenly God

Whose love is good
Whose heart wears a garland of thorns for me
None is truer than Jesus Christ, yes He
My lord I pray to never dwell
In lamenting, resenting earthly trials
Instead my God I pray for this
To do Thy heavenly will

For each you have made
And each you have count
The flock which You have claimed
From the Cross You once mount

I love Thee, my God
And most sovereign Lord
Let me bind my doings to Thine for me
That we be one, yes You divine Son of God,
Holy spirit and Father dwelling One
That I be with You always till again You shall come

If mine heart shall bear a wreathe of thorn
It is only right for Your heart was the first to borne
What good it be if I comfort live
And forget Thee , Lord
Then woe is me!

Mine heart is yours
As Yours is mine
I dare not dip a finger in Your chalice lest You see I should taste a drop
Of Your bitter wine
Sweet in justice, mercy and grace
Oh God all I pray to bear
Just to dwell in Heaven
Yes, to see Your holy and blessed face

My journey paced slow yet far
Yet I pray to eye on You my Northern star
Yea I bid not riches
Nor sanctity of fame nor power
Just to rejoice in Your coming
That I be ready when it is the Hour

I walk in life with Jesus Christ
the Author of my life
Who bore my sins
and took my cross
to save you and me who was once so lost

Who could ever say to us
I shall die in place of he
Who shall say I shall pay instead
of he?
yet the Lord took my sins on Calvary

I did not deserve it but there you are,
the value of true self giving
He is the Lord not of the dead but of the living
The Son of Heaven, True God and man

Yea, I may not begin to understand
the meaning of every sacramental rites and rules
But God these are Your Holy Mysteries
but one thing I seek through and through
is to always be with You

I love You Lord
You are my God
As you are King most sovereign of them all
You alone does salvation shine
You alone are true bread and wine

The night You were to be betrayed
The night You consecrated both wine and bread
the night You made the Eucharist a tradition to celebrate in church
by Catholics every where
Soldiers came and Judas too
You were sold with cold coins and a kiss which led You to
A mounted cross
wound upon wound
You did not sway nor did You swoon

You stood upright
and interceded for all
even those who struck You and made You fall
You are the trumpet which seven times blast
broke Jericho's sturdy walls

You are King
most sovereign
Your name be praised all through the lands
You are King victorious God
Messiah King of Kings

By Your death and by Your cross
All mankind are saved
We who should have died
lain buried in a cave
have hope risen when You rose from the grave
on the Third day

The message You gave to all of us
is to You and the Father we must trust
this is right and this is just
for You are the bread and we are merely crumbled crust

but even if we are crumbled crust
it is only all because
You are the bread and You united us all
through Your suffering and Passion
now we the fallen shall stand tall

You are God
Saviour Lord
We praise You Jesus Christ
You are sovereign and King of mankind

We pray to be
just like Mother Mary
and the women who stood by the foot of Your cross
on Calvary

We pray to be
surrendered all to Thee
and only Thee

We praise You God
and thank you Mary
for saying yes to God
and for bringing Him up to save His miserable flock

You are King
and You are God
We praise You, Jesus Lord

Alleluia praise the Most High King
for Thou hath raised on the third day
May our souls be pure and full of light
May we not shroud and shrink in fright
when You come again
may we not fear but rejoice instead
for Your bringing us to Home eternal
in Heaven where You forever reign
There's something about God in Heaven
He fills in me whatever's missin'
He gives me all the hugs and kissin'
He shows it today on the cross-He used to hang for me
Now His resurrection is a living testimony

He loves me
(He bore my sins)
He's generous
(He forgives me)
He's kind
(He looks out for me
in every thing I do
His blessing and grace He gives)

I got to tell you honestly
There ain't no other road to a happy eternity
Believe in the God Who saves
Jesus King Triumphant from the grave

He has washed my sins away
He has baptised me in His holy name
oh my God- erased me of my shame
and now with His mercy and grace
I am able to meet His face

He is my love story
My ultimate great glory
He is my victory
He did it for you and me
so that we can be free

There's something about Jehovah
The blood of the lamb spilled for our Passover
He is our Mighty Conqueror
Our Redeemer
Our Salvation
The great King of every nation

Sing Him glory
The world's great history
Mankind's greatest love story
about a king Who loves His people
so much so
that He same down to earth below

Sing glory
King Jesus
Mighty Jehovah
All nations praise and glorify You
The blood of lamb spilled for our Passover

Sing sing Him glory
our greatest victory
but not our own doing
it is God and God alone
Who is our cornerstone

sing sing Him glory
man's greatest love story
O God King of glory
We sing You praises
because in You alone are worthy
The kings of every nation
shall all see Your coming again in glory
All crowns and knees shall bend
in all give You holy reverence

"Oh in You alone"
They shall cry
"Are ruler of every nation
Great King God of True Salvation
We sing You God glory."
The earth shall crumble
mankind still to stumble
but Lord Your love is pure and humble
You will keep us ever standing

So we pray to be
what You have been to we
that is the greatest of humility
and love enfold in mercy unknown

There's something about God in Heaven
He fills in me whatever's missin'
He gives me all the hugs and kissin'
He shows it today on the cross-He used to hang for  you and me
Now His resurrection is a living testimony
I am trying to find an apartment to save money on. Hahahaha. Please pray for me. I will pray for you too.
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My mother was talking about getting a new car. I was like "cool". Then she asked me if I could pay the installment when she couldn't. I said I couldn't make promises because I had commitments. Okay I would totally help if I could but honestly I've made commitments. Then she goes all bitter at me for days. She still is. and while contemplating why she's doing this, I understand why but I wish she'd try to get back on her feet years ago. But her not being able to let go has led her to be this way. I don't really get angry at her anymore. I feel more pity than anger usually. I do feel frustration but in the end it's a realisation that one has a choice with a given scenario,

it reminds me of what Rafiki said from Disney's the Lion King;

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

This doesn't just apply to grown ups but also children. From where I am standing, and what I'm being exposed to children are the most precious and vulnerable life forms we will ever be blessed with. I say this because they reflect many wonderful values which grown ups such as I forget many times;

1) Come as you are. (That is what Jesus tells us too.)
2) Forgive as quickly as you got angry. (Forgive others as you want others to forgive you- Luke 6:36)
3) Love with all your heart no matter who that person is. (1Corinthians 13:7-8 and 13)
4 Live as though it's the last day of your life every day.
5) Be brave, be bold and be imaginative. (As grown ups sometimes we think being imaginative is a waste of time
and is childish, well animators and writers do it. Imagination to me is one of the most important gift we have received from God.)
6) Kids don't dwell in the past for long. They move on quickly. (Isaiah 43:18)
7) Choose to be happy. 

Children don't become bad on their own. They were influenced and most of the times provoked to do so; due to bad treatment or abuse (such as being ignored by family, labelled by teachers and tutors as a bad egg and being unloved).

To me personally, children are so impressionable, family time, open minds and hearts help shape a good and happy individual which may well pass the buck when they grow up. A tree is known by its fruits, as Jesus said. Sometimes it's the sower and sometimes it's the environment which the tree is growing in. But the sower can make a difference in the tree's life. So yes, the butterfly effect is all about making that small change in a person so that the next person he or she meets can help make him or her an even better person.

As I sat down and contemplated the incident I was moved to write the below. 

The saddest, most grievious thing of all is watching a soul torn and tattered making others not stand but fall.

Heed this though you fall, you shall rise 
If you turn your eyes to Jesus Christ
The world is a place where thieves wait in lie
To steal a person's dignity and pride
The worldly possessions can be regain once lost
But alas for the heart which forgets to remember 
That he has been given a victory on the Cross

So what have you brothers
And what of you sisters
Of things which are broken which needs to be fixed
Despised though of you
By many who see
Disregard the world and look at the holy crucifix

Blood which was shed 
And tears which forlorn 
Born by our King Jesus Messiah
Who paid all sins on the Cross

Happy the man though his human estate is crumbled 
Yet he is not worn but fixes His eyes on the great promise of 
Jesus the Lord

Aye be the man 
Who has God be his guiding hand
He is restored interiorly although outside he looks 

So lay pity not on the suffering faithful
But the faithless one suffering because he knows not
The Lord

Be strong of faith and good cheer
For each suffering for Christ with gladness 
Is praising Him and carrying the Cross to go after Him

6:26 PM 

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I am trying to find an apartment to save money on. Hahahaha. Please pray for me. I will pray for you too.
  • Listening to: The Big Songs of Worship CD


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