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In the radiant temperate light
a vision unfolds without sound
a glorious beacon appeared
as morning touched the ground
scribes beckon and yet forlorn
for neither harp nor trumpet sound
could ever replicate what joy has come on down

a holy Priest God figure
the Holy One Whom the Father calls
the Begotten Son of Heaven
The most fruitful seed of God the Father sown
and Earth's blemish cannot hold
this Sanctified and holy King
the Holy One, the Only Son of God
in Whom all kneel down and laud
not in frightful fear
but in reverence and awe adhere;
glory to Christ the King, mankind's hope and only Saviour

all the world's decorate surround
the earth in great curiosity sprout
to gaze upon the King
Whose name Heavens praise
and earth resound
spirits all whom God has created
yearn to be in His presence devout

the clouds dispersed and colours roused the sky

as He stood in threshold
God Almighty
grace and mercy
Whom the Father has bestowed
looked at His creation
His eyes gleamed of Heaven
His lips in a gentle smile
His rod and crook firm hold
upon His nail scarred hands
He gazed upon the sprouts;
whose fruit is glad host of thirst and hungry made sound
He was pleased as He stood before the fields
where His sacred feet touched the ground (and said)

"Each one is precious in My sight
all pleases Me and the Heavenly Father delight
all I call has pleasure dwell in My Heavenly sight
though they weak if they submit all their cares to Me
I shall make them tall and mighty to face adversity."

He stood there as I watched
I fear come in the light
for when I do my sins quiver in fright
for it is Christ the Eternal Heavenly light

I hastened as I gazed at Him
from where I stay
but surely if God is good
He shall not question why I come to Him
yet fear has made me delay
still my heart say
Trust in the Truth, the Way and the Life

He turned and eyes met me
still I stood half dark and light hesitantly
then the quiet suddenly
broke as I heard my Jesus speak

"None shall I drive away
if the Heavenly Father draws to Me
I welcome those who seek Me earnestly
Do not be afraid of coming to the light
for you bear My Father's crest and I
shall hold you, render near

I shall lead you to rich pasture green near
Don't be afraid sheep
come here
let not we be separated because of fear"

So in the shadows I out one foot ahead and said
"Lord Jesus here I am
bring me closer to You I pray."

The Lord Jesus replied;
"I've plans for you but don't you dismay
I shall aid and protect you
do not be afraid."

I said "Jesus show me the way..."

Jesus smiled gently and held my hand then said ;
"Don't be afraid
Ahead of you I always go
Just trust in Me and hold My hand.

I shall always welcome those who come to Me earnestly
their sins have been wiped away
do not ever be afraid
come to Me
for I desire to have you to Myself forever and ever

for you are Mine precious always
I shall lead you to pastures green
do not be afraid, for I have forgiven all your sins
then courage little one
trust in the Heavenly Father and in Me, the Son
I shall always welcome those who come to Me..."

I am afraid Lord.

He smiles and holds out His hand and then said
"Do not be afraid...I shall always go before you...
trust in the Heavenly Father and in Me
I have given you the Holy Spirit, Who is your aid
and counsel
Do not be afraid for I go before you always."

In the radiant temperate light
a vision unfolds without sound
a glorious beacon appeared
as morning touched the ground
scribes beckon and yet forlorn
for neither harp nor trumpet sound
could ever replicate what joy has come on down
My sighs loitered about a barely mustard tree
whose seed has sprout o too early
its diagnostic is to me;
a struggling victim of adversity
a powdery white winged angel pure and true
of Heaven's realm, sinless, righteous crest of God's holy Truth
Had stood beside my sighing heart
and then his eyes diverted to the seedling
whose foundation pulsating a halfway start

His sweetened lips soft, fresh and pink
His wings poised in splendorous grace effortlessly
His spiritual indulgence makes my soul praise God on high
for a being of Heaven in company of a sinner such as I
what grace does God give His lowly servant
whose sins so constant as drunkard to his habits
still in a sinner's presence did the angel pursued inhabit

His smile was genuine, pure and good
His hair of golden streams which rest upon his armoured shoulders
His crest bore a holy crest which cried out "Christ Jesus, Lord and God be forever blessed.."
His wings were crafted silk smooth and firm
white as clouds and magnificent than any fowl feathered creature to ever take the air
He was so beautiful my soul declared
though he was so good and pure his gentle kindness to me was spared

He looked at the seed who has born its shape but still struggling
for it had found no sunlight to help carry it
His unsheathed sword lay still and his shield lay idly
as he knelt to examine the tree a little more closely

I looked at him and him at me
then grace encouraged me so I said with stutter unto him
"This tree is in such a mean estate
will it find strength to reach the sun and sprout full grown?"

He smiled as kind and gentle still
As he replied;
"No seed of the Heavenly Father's shall be uprooted, dear sheep of the Holy One
see the Father is patient and in the Holy Spirit and God Christ Jesus the Son
Three Divine Spirits in Holy Union One
believe that each seed shall bear Him glorious praise when it is time
for the seed stretch out full bloom and fruit sprout...

At first it might seem as though a seed would never grow but see
the Lord our God tends to each one so uniquely
for each He has made to serve Him a special purpose
thus none shall be He shall see to it that each seed bear Him glory
and praise full burst

Alas, the seed which refuses Him
for even the angels, sweet archangels and cherubs
in all their whim
cannot intercede if the seed does not submit completely
to Elohim
then the seed shall struggle, strangle and then be thrown away to the pit

Still hope may be for those who try
for the seed who tries counts for plenty in the Good Lord's eyes

but all in His good and holy time
so trust in Him for He shall go before you always
to make the paths for you, O dear sheep, safe and straight

in times of discourse is when one's faith shall be at test
in times of dismay is when He prunes His sprouting seed to produce best
trust in Him and when trials and suffering overcome
that your soul be blessed and so praise Him forever

You might not see it just yet
but trust in Jesus for He never forsakes
nor from you ever separate
He is so close
He is in your very interior being
He is God the Son through the Holy Spirit has made you tabernacle
home for Him

God shall guide and protect you
don't give up
in due time the seed you see before you shall sprout
when it does sweet glorious sight it shall be
for it shall bear the choicest flowers and fruits to surround the fields
to fragrant and to feed

Trust in God for always He
shall go before you to make the path for you safe and straight...

You are scattered seed from God's holy hands
brought to the world at God's command
each one is here to bring to others the Son of Man
testifying that His mercy upon all is at hand

stand firm be not afraid
for the Lord your God has always said
He shall hold firm the hands who trusts in His name
those who trust in Him shall not be put to shame

the seed shall rise all in due time
just trust in Jesus and upon Him, beloved one fix your eyes!"

Then the angel embraced me in his arms
at once the Holy Spirit relieved me like soothing balm
the seed may struggle and go astray
but if it looks to God and repent to strive to live in His ways
shall blossom fully when it has come to that day

The seed has sprouted patience be
it shall transform to tree just wait and see
trust in God the Son for God the Father and the Holy Spirit
shall strengthen you
and His promise lasts all eternity..."

Then I blinked at look at the angel...

He smiled at said
"Just trust in Jesus...
trust me...I shall intercede for you and all
whom God the Son has brought forward as fragrant offering
in His good merits to bear Him fruit of praise and glory..."

He paused for a moment then smiled again as he said
"For goodness sake, just trust in Jesus our Lord...
He shall not forsake nor leave you
His promise shall sprout and bloom
just wait and see..."

The angels reminds man of God His promise
strive and do not be weary in spirit for He shall come through for you and me
in time the seed shall really sprout
when it does praises and worship shall unfold to bear Him laud

The sower shall never give up hope on His scattered seed
which come from the Heavenly Father's generous keep...

Basked in God’s holy splendour
Fruit of the Father’s labour
Dwelling in His Heavenly favour
Praising the Lord Jesus our Saviour

Hear the voice of Your daughter
rise with the sun of morning
her heart sings You praise yea
She worships the awesome and mighty God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son
Her immortal saviour

The flowers all gleam with the radiance of spring
Salutations in exalt they all bring
Tender and sweet wine over brimming from their breast
The produce of God’s blessed hands

The Groom:

Hear the voice of your Lover
The Groom you so constantly speak
The Compassionate Prince of Peace
The Helper of the humble and weak

I call on your name upon the hills
The sound of your name brings
My heart to a thrill
The flowers which stretched to the ends of the
world would despair
for their choicest beauty could not compare

For I sought on My beloved
I seek and combed the low valleys
And mountain peaks
All creation agree
The love I have for you endlessly

I heard the call of my Beloved
Jesus the Lord, my heart’s most coveted
I hear Him beckoning in the eve of day
So sing my heart without delay

Compassionate Husband and Lord
My heart’s satisfaction adore
I love you my God but I implore
Let me love you a little bit more

I shall sing of your name when it’s day
Praise you still when noon comes along the way
I shall sing still when the sun sets down today
To bring the cosmic stars and the moon out to play

All the days of my life
Let me love you
As a dutiful wife
I shall labour with all of my heart
To praise you my God Jesus; My spiritual shining

The Groom:

My dearest beloved sheep
I love you as My scar wounds are deep
I have laid down my life for you
That you and I be forever together as one

I hear Your voice call my name
I sink down for my sins bring me shame
My pride and temper to blame
I lay prostate before You my God- prostrate

The Groom:

You let fear and hate so freely dictate
Render you far away from Me
But you remain close in My gaze
I love you unendingly now
And in all of My eternal days

I shall sing my song of songs
Praising You O God my soul for your glory
Your mercy is from age to age
Your love for every man endures forever

I shall sing my song of songs
You are the purveyor of right over my wrongs
O holy Ambassador of Heaven
Song of my utmost joy

I pray that my poor sin stained lips
may rejoice
o Holy Spirit in me be my help and employ
that I shall dwell forever in the presence of You
O God, Holy Trinity

The Groom:
I love you forever My dear
Cast away your doubts and fear
Each of you precious before Me;
The God of Heaven eternity

The writer:
    Sing me one more time my heart

The Groom:
     Sing one more time for me


I shall sing You praise my Saviour
Lord Holy One of God the Father
My heart in its fear has faltered
Lord Jesus call upon my name again

He gazed at me lovingly
His ruby red lips sensation thrill in my heart
For when He my God Jesus smiled gently at me
I awe at His glorious grace and mercy

The Groom:
Hear the cry of your Beloved
I stand upon the morning hill
I seek you with passionate thrill
See your Beloved waits for you
upon a morning hill
I shall sing my song of songs

10:41 p.m.



12:59 a.m.

Two voices in my heart began singing and this is the result of it :


A kid had a shovel, with a spade and a seed
found a good spot and smiled triumphantly
after a little digging she said to the seed
"Boy, some day you're gonna grow as big as a tree
with flowers
with fruits for us to eat
you'll be a friend to the birds and the bees
for their nest and their hives to make honey
and the birds to lay eggs to hatch in this early spring
Yea, you'll be a big tree
and a big tree I'll see
when I come back again...
so grow little seed ...steady as you please..."

The tree grew little with trouble and this
made the kid grow impatient as she knelt to talk to the seed
"You're slow and tiny why aren't you growing any faster?
if you don't grow any taller I'll pull you out and plant another seed."

The seed didn't tremble,shake or became displeased
it stood firm where it was and stayed planted and this
in time it grew and sprouted some leaves
and a stem debut as it stretched to meet the sun
the seed is tiny and fragile indeed
has its share of natural adversities
the birds tried to peck
and the bugs tried to feed
the winds and the rain poured with gusto
all relentlessly
it stood quite still
though it shivered in the cold
it decided that it should remain as sentry soldier is
to its station strong and bold

The seed first shook its stem as it came out of the earth
out came some leaves as it stretched to the skies above
as it stretched and greeted the morning sun
the seed sang glory to God the Holy One

the seed smiled with joy as it met the Sower's eyes
the Sower held it lovingly in His loving hands
and whispered sweet words which alone the seed could understand
in His whisper He softly sang;
"Be brave dear one and grow tall
be bold and stand
your faith shall be your stronghold
and it shall uplift you high
and your branches and leaves shall spread out
as your faith increases then fruits shall bear
and your branch give home to the birds in the skies
Trials and tribulations are the things which makes a tree
without shade and leaves how will birds make home and sing their songs?
without fruits how shall the creatures and man find food
to quench their hunger as they go along
oh brave little tree be strong and stretch out
as your root spreads out and finds strength
in the earth as it clings firmly on

When the triumph complete you'll understand
why I gave you sufferings and sorrow
to tell you that when you fall you shall be lifted and you shall
always stand
when you rise from falling you shall be stronger
and you shall learn to defend
from the evils before you
because I am with you and I shall always be
with you
so I say again,

Be strong, be hopeful and strive to stay rooted and don't be afraid to rise
to grow and spread your roots for in so doing you'll realise
the limits you can break and the things you can do
by just trusting in Me ...
lay your hopes on Me and I'll help you.."
The kid and the shovel who had planted the tiny seed
was glad to see a big fruit bearing tree
she exclaimed "Aha, rejoice my seed has turned to a fruit bearing tree to make home for the birds and bees
to feed the animals and me
the shelter you shall give is also comforting
I'm glad you sprouted into such a wonderful tree..."

The kid hugged the tree and said
"I'm sorry at first I did not see
like you I too am kinda like the seed
which you were and now I believe
to grow takes time and there is no need to compare
just to focus and believe
in due time with God all in His will and grace shall be achieved..."
The tree hugged back and in the winds
a quiet voice whispered;
"Have faith the size of a mustard seed..."
Proverbs 16:3 by cereal-in-a-bowl
Proverbs 16:3

While praying, in my mind I could see Jesus sitting at the foot of my bed. A lamb was sitting on His lap. He had one hand on His staff and rod. Another hand was on the lamb. I was then moved to write this ;


Lamb of God

Priest, Saviour, King of Jews

As servant turns to master, I turn to You

Circumcise my stubborn heart

calm my fears and sieze my doubts

grant me peace, grace and mercy

which You, God alone can endow


fill my days with fair weathered clouds

enrich my spirit, my faith make stout

that though the valley dark uncertain

light shall come through

If I draw close enough to You


I'm a poor servant

My fees are not paid by my virtues

for I am sinner, hardened but with You

I am sufficient all because

In You lies perfection of God the Father's holy laws


The valley hills are low and steep

the mountains high which rouse me deep

if I travel here I fear

should I tremble and fail

such prerequisite fills me then I hear;


"God is with you

have no fear

I shall make your path straight and clear

I am your Shepherd, God and loving Saviour

trust in Me and My Divine Father

I have led more than thousands long ago

across the sea from cruel pharaoh

the people leapt,danced and cheer

You shall do too as I lead you across the seas of adversity


Nothing is too big for Me

for I am God

all things are possible

ah, you shall see

when you triumph

your soul shall exclaim; 


Hosannah, blessed God I praise Thee

for I have claimed victory

blessed be God forever more

praises shall flourish His Heavenly gates

from mine lips withdraw


the mountains moan

and the seas may roar

the tempest fierce beast erupt

but know this I am with you

and I shall conquer all

you shall then hear the lion's epic roar


All My children shall inherit

My Father's Heavenly spoils

light shall beam forever

darkness shall cower and recoil

for I am candle, lamp and oil


I burn for all who claims Me Lord, God and Master

Yea, all shall render in faith of Me

to dwell in My Father's house


Then you shall know

the mighty awe

of your King and Saviour God."







Search for God with all of your heart and you will find that He has always been waiting for you. He is waiting for embrace you. He loves you :).



As of current situation, I am going through some emotional pruning. However excruciating this can get, pruning is always a good sign that  God sees good fruits through His mercies and graces in us...

My counselor and good friend is about to leave. This is reality, he's got to move to another chapter from where he works and I feel as though another part of me is being yanked out like some Hannibal Lector movie. Strange analogy I'm sure. Many I'm sure would encourage me by saying to keep my chin up and so on, but this isn't just some average Joe. He's more than just someone who helped me overcome a lot of emotional issues, he's a father figure to me. 

I've never known my real father but not that it really matters. I mean I don't hold a grudge on him. My biological mother however has two minds about how she feels about said male parent. Right.

I thought I would be alright. I know I will be alright eventually, but saying goodbye-for-now is never an easy task.

I made a checklist of things which I would like to do in life before I die.

That encouraged me for a while...and come to think of it...I suppose it has encouraged me immensely. 

I was praying to Jesus about how I felt about the situation. Whilst feeling pain and sorrow that my dad would be in another state, I resolved to work hard and smart to gain ways to become independent, successful and able to move about. 

I believe the journey of a thousand miles have begun. Please pray for me. I shall surely keep you in prayer.



Something just occurred to me...

In the Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans 5:3-5 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

it says...endure all hardships...give thanks to God and lift up our petitions to Him...

in Romans 5:3-5 it says "Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces hope..."

In Thessalonians it says "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks to God under all circumstances, for it is the will of God for us..."

Again in 1Corinthians10:13 it says God won't give us tasks we cannot handle. Whenever we are presented a situation, He will always give a way out. 

That is very comforting to know...

I am...we are MORE than conquerors in Christ Jesus...Romans 8:37 
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Hello, My name is Margaret Anne. Nice to meet you.

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