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The fields spread her arms out wide
As though she were about to be claimed as a virgin bride
While the bridegroom dwells so far away
Left traces of giggles and chuckles from cherubs from Heaven displayed
The cool winds left hints of residue
Of cologne for the face and strawberry sweet concoction for the hair

Had the bridegroom wear cologne upon his clean shaven chin
Which took place minutes before?
the pleasant smell  I suppose he hoped to compensate for the faint
image of beard which he shed for her sake...(today)

Roses bloomed on both the sides
Where her locks of golden strands had lain
The bridegroom though still far away
Had lain upon her cheeks two virgin kisses
Which were laced with wine and praises which
Had left her bosoms filled with joy

Her bosoms womanhood blossomed full
Was breathing hard for deep inside
The flowers which around her reside all resounded praises and rejoicing
So it looked like a celebration of some kind where both parties reside

The clouds above had brought bouquets of lilies and fresh daisies
They fell downwards from Heaven and kissed both the bride’s dainty feet
The flowers whose kisses taint the passing wind, in the passing, the breeze did sing

Hail God above
The most sovereign Lord
Hail Almighty Yahweh God
For He alone is worthy of praise
And no other shall ever take His place
His mercy is from age to age
And His grace everlasting
His love and patience forever endures
His be praised forever more

For who can ever be like Yahweh God
Come, name one who can surpass the Lord our God?
None has done and none shall do
For He alone is God and praises unto Him alone is due!

His love, mercy and grace is healing ointment
In Him your spirit and heart shall be renewed
His forgiving love and mercy blessed with grace shall restore you through and through

Praise then the Lord Our God Yahweh
For He is true God and true Man
Christ Jesus the Lord be praised forever more
For He indeed is the reason for man’s spirit to be glad

So then bow your heads and kneel before the Son of the Living God
Christ Jesus be praised hail His Most Holy name
For love of us He bore all of our sin and shame
He bore our infirm and in doing so
Made us one with the Heavenly Father

Yes the winds proclaims such praises unto Yahweh God Almighty
His deeds are wondrous and souls shall praise Him ever more...
What generosity and love outpoured from His Heavenly store
Yeah, none but Yahweh Most Sovereign Lord
Is most worthy of praise and glory!

Now the bride awaits her groom
See now, He in His white robes with golden string appointed round His waist
His hair of gold much like a crown sat upon His sweet head with unmatched grace
The bridegroom had blue sapphire stones which resembled a pool, a river or perhaps a vast body of sea which sat calmly in His eyes
His skin was white, finer than fresh ground snow, if you could ground snow powdery fine
His lips were as though enrobed with petals of roses, fragrant with the choicest of choicest wine
The broth, the brew from the Vine of the Heavenly Father
Were hidden in the brook of His most blessed lips

His lips were like a golden chalice
Carrying the most relic and choicest wine
Perchance the bride would taste His lips
And pour some into hers and perchance she would then taste
His beauty is so profound
That none shall ever take His place
For He is Yahweh God Christ Jesus
And from Him outpours, mercy, love and boundless grace
He gazed upon His bride
As He gracefully took His stride
His crook and wooden staff held on one hand firmly as He came closer

The winds arose with great volume
And made the flowers gathered there to sway
They bounced their heads along with the grass that was lain
In the fields where the angels and cherubs in current moment played
Hail God indeed the Most Blessed unblemished Lamb
For sake of mankind was once upon the rood was slain
Now upon His risen victory sin has grip no more upon man
Sin is thwarted and now Sin himself is shamed in vain
For this mankind proclaims
that Salvation can only be redeemed in Christ Jesus alone
yea, in Him man shall find his healing and his sins and faults forever atoned...

Now the bride bows down her head
Modest before the groom
The groom who was standing beneath the company
Of a shady tree with flowers, fruits and leaves which arched above the two
Christ Jesus bent low and watched the bride blush as He kissed her lips
Her lips were barren, sinful as they neither blessed nor had been good soil for Him to sow
Despite Him knowing all of this, His kisses on her lips was still bestowed

She wondered in pure curiosity
But her heart burnt with passionate ferocity
She prayed “dear Lord, let Your lips be lain upon mine longer still
For my spirit and soul has never in all my life had drunk nor tasted such a satisfying drink

While He kissed her, He cupped both cheeks
Brushed her hair and saw reddened roses round them as He continued to kiss
She wrapped both arms around the Lord
God Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of God

The winds blew ill with jealousy
For its body could not bear the form of flesh
The winds too yearned to hold Him near
Alas that it should remain an apparition ...which travels from place to place like a pallid ghost

The sun grew weary and blushed in shame
The clouds which hovered about the clear blue skies
Stared at the two which reside
Beneath a prominent fruit and flower tree
Where two lovers held each other close as any lovers could try

He lain sweet kisses and out from her lips were sighs
Of love and satisfaction
For only in His most Sacred love can man find their thirst quenched and satisfied without question

The hours brewed and the skies above had mingled with shades of lilac and hints of pink
The cherubs and the angels were still playing in the vicinity
Innoncence still lingered in the air
As both lovers held each other near

She whispered softly as He lovingly nipped her ear
“I love You Lord, God of all Creation
My body is clay and bones of ash...
My soul and spirit was withdrawn from Your Divine Breath
I have no more to offer You lest myself...but that belongs already to You, Lord God alone...
Still take me ...take entirely and use me as You will

That I may be a walking tabernacle
Of Your Most Holy and Divine Sermons of the Word (of God)
You are the Lord and You alone are Christ Jesus, Son of God...
I love you and no other man can quench my hunger and thirst quite like You do

Take me, my Love and use me as Your Spiritual tool that in all I do
may manifest Your words and deeds and that all who see me may praise Your Holy name...
And in so doing praise the Heavenly Father in Whom You are united with God the Holy Ghost
As the Father in Heaven and You are one
I pray that my spirit and Yours also be forever one
God the Father, God the Holy Ghost and Son
Three in essence and in Divine Office One...

Take me my love for my desire is unto You alone be pledged
That You are my lover and I am Yours
That we remain in good communion forever more...

Then Christ Jesus smiled and said
Let it be so...if you desire it...
I shall be with you forever more
And before you I shall go always
Be assured that I shall comfort you
In times when you are saddened with grief
I shall gladden you and make you laugh
I shall comfort you and encourage you all through life
You shall be victorious in everything you do
If you just trust in shall be fine...
Just love and trust Me...and that is pledge enough...for Me

She whispered “That, would most definitely do...”

Then Jesus Christ the Son of God smiled at her and said
A Groom and His bride

Dunno...I'm an emotional creature ....:la: so sue me for being emotional...:meow:
There are things in life which I’d like to say
which are queer in its own way
As I wandered down this path today
I stumbled upon a rich proclaimed and vast domain
A field of bountiful crops and seeds which blossomed from its ground to mighty branched out trees
which made home for birds and bees (which leaves me undesired to rest underneath any tree with pointy bottomed things!)
Its shade for travelling parties who have journeyed from oh so far away
And fruits for drinking and flesh to eat
To feed the hungry pilgrim who is travelling on its way...
Yeah, perhaps it would give reason for him to delay
To watch the clouds above dance, run and play
For the clouds above are buoyant and robust in display
In addition for their penchant for giggling childlike as they waddled in
pools of blue rivers where they fish in the sea...

Now, picture this if you will
A haven filled with daisies, chamomile and daffodils
Sprout from green and grassy ground
Beneath a sun which hovered high above them all
Had sung a tune which the Sower sang
As He sowed seeds beneath the fertile earthen soil
In hopes to watch it grow and bear Him fruitful spoils

From watching far, and far away
Curiosity was provoked from smelling sweetness of fruit and flowers where they lay
Yea, the winds were boasting as they passed this way
And said I should come a stumbling where they had accommodate
And withdrew company from a host Who had sown a vast domain

fruits and grown feathery beaks of trees who perched above their grassy nests....
They shook their heads and pruned their feathers boastfully
As they were poised with grace and beauty in blissful serenity
They beamed in gladness for the fruits in which they bore
From the seeds which the Sower had sown within this sacred ground
They were hosts for sure, and mothers now
Cradling their young in their arms amongst the emerald city crowned with hints of kingly gold

In curiosity for sure...yes this reason for my feet to have led
me to this field of flowers, fruits and spoils which lay so richly spread
I suppose my feet had a mind of its own
To have wandered here freely where crops aplenty sown
Oh where songs are sung and fruits of spring her valley harvest-an armful to reap to gain for one’s own palate
To feast upon a dish or silver plate
Ah, to dip the pears in dish of honey
To sip the wine of grapes to complement
Bread to break, bless and dip
Wine to gladden parched lips
drops of wine sweet like honey bitter like tea
lay resting upon the breast of fruits and flowers where they live

As I stood I marvelled at
The wonders which the Heavenly Father did create
His splendid majesty yields plenty and they are all in union praising cry
Hail Yahweh God Most Sovereign King on high
Yeah, all beings marvel at Your deeds
Yeah, all beings which were made from Your hands
marvel at Your wondrous and most splendid deeds
Your reign and splendour is from age to age
Never ending is Your Kingship and Your Throne in Heaven is forever more

I confess  and wonder with all my sinful mortal heart
Man is but earthen dirt and clay which is made to form water jars
But yet the Lord God has made man to be
Slightly lower than angels who dwell in Heaven eternity
What has man achieved that he is
The apple of Your Godly eyes...
What goodness has man done to have Your eyes to cast towards his way
to have you look at him with love beyond measure and grace which is beyond the ways
which man can ever understand?

God, You love the world so much that You gave man
Your only Begotten Son
That man has gained sonship because of Jesus Your Son

I basked in the presence of God the Son
Who sat with me where the fields and colours run
Along with the winds whose voice is graceful when she is glad
She sings a song of glorious praise unto the Son of Man
Jesus placed a hand on mine and held it firmly...and He looked at me
He said nothing but smiled so beautifully that the sun above had blushed with shame
While fields below watched jealously
For He has not reposed Himself as close as He is right now with me

He though a mighty and most righteous King
God almighty, The Truth, the Way and the Life
God Most Holy Sovereign
Psalm of rejoicing and praising
Hail the God of Gods Almighty King
Hail Jesus Christ the Lord God and One True King
His mercy hails from age to age
And His love and grace follows suit generously
From His Heavenly Father’s store

He said nothing still
But His hold on me was firm and steady
As the other held His wooden crook and rod
Yeah, I shall dwell in the presence of my Lord and God
For all the days of my life
For He is mine and I am His
Merely because His grace and mercy rests in me

Yea, His grace and mercy rests in you
Yea, you, O blessed one whom He has called
Blessed is he who hears, repents and trust in Him the Lord Yahweh God
He shall not be misled nor shall he ever fall face flat onto the ground
He shall be blessed with fruits and riches beyond human contemplate
Yeah, whatever he has lost God repays him in good faith and trust, in good words under His grace
He shall bask in God’s merciful compensate
He who enters through the narrow gate
For what can man truly claim for his own... for it was from the Heavenly Father’s hands?

Then he who trusts and place himself in care of the Most Sovereign Lord and God
Shall reap fruits aplenty and happiness shall dwell in him wherever he goes...

Then I realised when I looked into the eyes of my Lord and God Jesus Christ
He and I conversed in the silence ...while staring at each other’s eyes
He smiled handsomely and He chuckled ...His cheeks blushed in peach pink as He slowly bent down
And shyly kissed me softly and I felt the softness of His lips...which forms His mouth..
I felt the soft and smooth strands of His brown and golden locks
Yea, the hair which fell past His shoulders...a river of gold which crowned His divine head
I felt it as a servant yielded unto her Master’s sweet embrace
We lay upon the surface of the garden where curiosity made itself known...
Where seeds of spring sprout from where they were sown
Where beauty dwells upon this field of vast emerald green crowned with gold
Where Jesus is yea that is where I want to His threshold ....

He smiled again and sighed in happiness
As my spirit reposed upon His chest
He said softly, as He laid kisses upon my forehead
“Yea, find peace and rest in Me...for My yoke is easy and burden light
Now, rest My love and be at peace
I shall not leave you or any of these
Whom My Heavenly Father has drawn to Me...
I shall lead them triumphantly...
Towards the promised land ...eternity
There you shall all dwell with Me

If you place your trust in Me
You shall be assured peace and happiness...
And be filled with richness beyond a king’s prosperity
You shall triumph in the face of adversities
Yea, you shall do all these because of Me
If you place yourself in trust of Me
You shall be able to do all things because of Me
So trust in Me I shall lead you where
The grass is green and fruits aplenty ...
Where spring lasts forever...yea there you shall forever dwell
If you abide in My words and live by them
And try your hardest...and trust in Me...
Yea, you shall find gladness when I come to gather you
And separate sheep from goats

Trust Me, dear one...
Please trust in Me
For I shall always go before see
Do not fear and follow Me
I shall lead you to pastures green
And river streams of water which shall never run dry

Now rest dear one...repose to Me
For I have never driven away anyone who comes to Me
I love you My dear...much more than you can imagine...
Trust in Me...
And I shall lead the way
You shall triumph...just for goodness sake trust in Me...
What Jesus said to me
Thank You Jesus for the awesome backpack...I love it. Thank You also for removing the burden inside my heart...for removing the bitterness and hate from me...Thank You Jesus also for letting me see my counselor and getting a hug from him. Thank you Mother Mary for praying for me...because I truly believe that you always do...for all of us...

I sometimes gaze upon the skies
and wonder if I am alive
if I am alive then why do I
feel like a dream exists deep down inside?
I wander deep in the labyrinth of this vast place which little sanity resides
I suspect they are mine but grace has allowed my spirit stand firm so far... so far...
The columns which lights the passage way seems quite queer for it had intricate carvings
on its face
the faces which little light reveals is a constant worrisome display
for if you had not spend enough time to gaze
they were faces of cherubs and angels whom resides in God's most sacred place

I have little care and wonder what goes on about the earth
but I come about this little place where my solace and I can meet when
the world has fallen deeply asleep
The stone surface where my feet are placed
is hard struck from labourer's hands
but I tell you now that I am much more aware of how the backs
of these servants feel as they are stiff from having been stepped on many times

Friars in the cold, cold winds passed by in congregation
maybe making their daily pilgrimage
towards a temple, an altar where they celebrate their mass of the Most Holy Eucharist
and as they did they lit each candle with a prayer
in the form of silent sighs
Their faces were hid in their hoods of brown
and I could see their flesh hovering about
the debris of sands and dust which lingers in the golden light
it seemed frail and almost ghostlike
but I believe I am accompanied by God the Holy Ghost
and also God the Father and the Son
Whom all three Divine bodies are One Lord Yahweh Sabaoth Lord God of Hosts...

The summary of all of this
was that I might be praying even as we speak
but sometimes when I kneel and start to pray
My eyes droop down and I fall asleep at Jesus' lap.
the distant echo of sandals scratching the pathways where I am
I suddenly became erect from where I was like a sentry sensing something afoot

What I see before me where I stand
is brick walls and embodied with dusts from grains of sands
The cold winds which brushed the brick walls were brief but they were cold indeed
as I shivered and watched them pray and walk on by
The golden light which danced in the shadows seemed to move quite gracefully
like that of a skilled dancer, whose body and the temple shadow were one tapestry
that it wove around each other in complement

The candles which lit the columns where heat was rather scarce
the brick walls whose lips were silent monastery pairs
of silent wondering did nothing to help me at all...

The silent labyrinthian walk
seemed like a confession from deep inside of me
that I was struggling from deep down within
to catch hold of my little sanity
the candle which was lit upon a waxen host
was lit because of God the Holy Ghost
my body was erect all because of God the Son,
the Lord God Jesus Christ
my mind held remnants of many gospel readings
which echo in my head
sometimes I truly wonder if I am alive or if I am dead
I marvel in the sight of God's wondrous deeds
His hands outstretched and all beings begin
simply because He wills for it to begin!

O Son of Man
without original sin
Most pure and Holy Son of  God the Father,the Most High
Who sits on the throne of Heaven for endless ages
none surpasses you and none shall ever surpass You Lord God of Heaven and earth...

Then Jesus Who was with me all the time
tapped my shoulder then He said
"My dear one look at the candles which is lit in each columns which you see
these are light produced from My Spirit Who resides within your heart
each time you say that in Me, your God and Lord Jesus Christ Redeemer, you believe
a flame of light sparks from a white candle which angels place to stand
each time you doubt My promises and My good works ill winds of the Evil One blows like a thunder storm and wind...
but know that if a candle lit upon a stand shall be lit forever more
but child know this how bright your candle lights the way to Heaven
depends on how much faith and good works you have put while you pilgrim here on earth...
Do not be afraid though, for I am your Lord and Shepherd God...Jesus Christ your Lord...
I shall hold your hand and make you always stand though you stumble but shall never fall...
I shall always go before you ...child...

Your worries and fears are trivial
for My plans for you shall follow through
but for it to succeed you must indeed
trust in Me...for I am the Sower of good seeds
shall you be then...good or bad
soil in which My seed shall fall upon?
Be wise, and prudent, be ready for anything
and trust in Me for I shall be with you
in all you do...
if what you do is aligned with what I have planned
then child you shall succeed
believe in Me
for I believe in you
even before you came to be!

Now, I shall send Saint Michael
your guardian angel to stand guard by your side
I Myself as your shepherd shall lead you to pastures where I have gathered other sheep
into My flock
trust Me...and build your house upon Me, your Rock
and trust Me...when you ill weather shall shatter it nor make it sway
for I am indeed, the Truth, the Life and indeed the Way...
No one shall access My Heavenly Father but through Me...
Come then to Me, for I am meek and humble...
and before humility I am indeed made weak
I am made stern and strong willed to the arrogant
so choose carefully...for your behaviour shall determine your outcome...

Carry forth your light and I shall lead you on...
be steadfast and carry on...I am your God Lord Jesus Christ
and whosoever believes in Me...shall never render themselves in darkness
I shall light the way for he who casts his faith unto Me...
For did I not say I am the light of the World...
so cast yourself child...unto Me...

Then I saw red roses, sweet like honey
and white clouds carry Mother Mary...Mother of Perpetual help of those who recourse to her
She said "Trust in my Son...He shall lead you still...hold steadfast...child...believe in Him...Who died for you on the Cross...
in His resurrection purchased for you everlasting life and communion with the Heaven...

So trust in Him...
and indeed He shall be indeed
your everlasting Holy light
He shall lead you child
even though you find yourself walking in darkness
they shall dispel before His Most Holy Sight
So rest assure in Jesus, my love...
and know He shall fulfill His good promise in you
and in all Whom God the Heavenly Father has drawn to Him...
trust...and trust...and pray unceasingly...
I shall to intercede untiringly for all of you...

Though the place was brick walls and it was night ...I saw a beacon of brilliant light
the candles lit...till where I stood...
the path was still far...and I could see no further...from where I am...
still Saint Michael with his sword and shield held firmly in his hands
He nodded and cocked his though saying...
"Come...follow the Son of Man..."
Christ the King...indeed praised forever more
I pray that we for eternity dwell in you...
that we remain in you and you in us
for endless ages...
ever more...

The echo which bounced across the wall
now seemed clearer but still I could see no faces...
but Saint Michael told me the echoing vibrations
were intercessions for all mankind said by Saints, Martyrs, angels,cherubs and Seraphims....
The candles lit now man has a choice
shall he embrace the candles lit or dwell in darkness?
for if he choose to follow light
He shall indeed at journey's end find the Lord Jesus Christ
and in so good mercy, love and grace
dwell forever more in God's most Holy Face....

Light of the World

Thank You Jesus for helping me complete 98% of my assignment...thank you Mother Mary for praying for me...coz I got to speak to my counselor. Amen.
I have been feeling quite emotional lately. Yeah...I've drawn something but it's in progress. I feel very emotional right now. I feel so sad and...I think I might be mildly clinically depressed.

I attended mass this morning and I received communion....I felt the boulder inside of me leaving but then something someone said hurt my feelings and the boulder just came back. sigh. 
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: The Big Songs of Worship CD
"Great are you, O Lord, and exceedingly worthy of praise; your power is immense, and your wisdom beyond reckoning. And so we men, who are a due part of your creation, long to praise you – we also carry our mortality about with us, carry the evidence of our sin and with it the proof that you thwart the proud. You arouse us so that praising you may bring us joy, because you have made us and drawn us to yourself, and our heart is unquiet until it rests in you."-Saint Augustine
I have been feeling quite emotional lately. Yeah...I've drawn something but it's in progress. I feel very emotional right now. I feel so sad and...I think I might be mildly clinically depressed.

I attended mass this morning and I received communion....I felt the boulder inside of me leaving but then something someone said hurt my feelings and the boulder just came back. sigh. 
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: The Big Songs of Worship CD


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